Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Ladies Behind The Wooden Spoons...Spoonfudge! Interview!

Have you ever wanted to meet the ladies behind the Spoonfudge! magic?  The duo that have taken normal, every day, run of the mill fudge, and transformed it into something completely different, completely portable, and completely delicious?  From chocolate chip cheesecake to root beer, Spoonfudge! is delivering new, amazing flavors every 1-2 weeks, so you're always sure to find something that suits your sweet tooth.

Not only does Spoonfudge! offer their product online, but they also have a shop where you can try all sorts of delicious treats featuring your favorite flavor of Spoonfudge!

We've been wanting to get to know the ladies behind the magic, so we were able to get them to take a break from the fudge makin' to give us a little insight into their lives!

So, without further adieu, here are our leading ladies manning their adorable booth at a local fair-and keep reading as we ask the ladies questions everyone wants to know!

First things first: What are your names?
Tarah Boykin and Aleisa Johnson

Do you have any funny nicknames? 
Tarah aka Queenie & Aleisa, aka Princess

How old are you? 
Fabulously young thirty something's! :)

Do you have families? Kids? 
Tarah and husband Joe have been married 12 years and have one daughter. Aleisa and her husband Shawn have been married 13 years and have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys. 

What started the idea of purchasing the Spoonfudge! brand?
We were just intrigued by the concept of Spoonfudge! and had so many ideas for ways to build the brand. When we found out the former owner was interested on selling Spoonfudge!, we jumped all over it....head first! 

Everyone knows that owning a business isn't a walk in the park.  What was the most difficult lesson you’ve learned so far in running Spoonfudge? 
Creativity and ideas are the easy part for us. Making them reality are a little different takes a lot of time away from our families to grow our business the right way. But they have been so supportive and jump in to help whenever we need them to. Same goes for good friends! 

What is the most rewarding aspect of running Spoonfudge!, both the shop and the online store?
 Making memories with our customers. We feel like when a customer chooses to share or send Spoonfudge! as a gift, they're allowing us to be a part of a SWEET memory. That's an honor that we don't take lightly. 

Here's where it gets difficult.  What's your favorite Spoonfudge! flavor? 
Our favorites change constantly! We have over 100 flavors and we are constantly coming up its new ones. But classics are still dear to our hearts....and taste buds. So for Aleisa, definitely Nuttah Buttah Baby our pure peanut butter flavor. She is a total peanut butter addict! Tarah's go to is Pearly Gates, our plain cheesecake flavor. We named it Pearly Gates because that's our vision of Heaven. We think St. Peter will greet us all at The Gates and say "Welcome! There's the cheesecake bar and to your left is the toppings bar." 

What is your favorite part of the Spoonfudge! creation process?
When we acquired Spoonfudge!, we immediately went to work rebranding the logo and changing the over all look. We had this vision in our head of a smiling spoon and we wanted the logo to evoke a feeling of nostalgia... Like an old candy shop or ice cream shop. Then we opened our first retail location where we not only sell and make Spoonfudge!, we also have a cafe. All the cafe items are made with Spoonfudge! as an ingredient in some way. We just thought try to think of new, creative ways customers can enjoy Spoonfudge! at home. It's of course made to be eaten from the jar, but you can also flavor coffees and hot chocolates, or melt and drizzle Spoonfudge! over cakes, pies and pastries. YUMMMMM!!

Any special insider info on Spoonfudge: (Upcoming changes, special flavor releases, etc.) we're working on new flavors all the time. And we love to get flavor suggestions from our Spoonfudge! Peeps. Contact us on either of our Facebook pages "Spoonfudge!" Or "Spoonfudge! The Shoppe". Or email us at

We're so proud of these ladies, and love the inside look into the workings of Spoonfudge!  Keep checking in for updates, recipes, photos, and more!