Tuesday, August 13, 2013


We're nuts for donuts at Spoonfudge!, the Shoppe & Café!! We love the idea of taking something so deliciously simple and making it even better! Its like when Queenie's hair already looks good, but she can't stop there....she has to have some type of hair accessory...frosting, I guess. Just to add a little extra oomph!
We glaze our donuts in a variety of Spoonfudge! flavors. Chocolate, Pearly Gates (cheesecake), Salted Caramel., we like to get crazy with them too.
This is our Samoa Cookie donut. You know those Samoa Girl Scout cookies that you can get and sit in a dark room and eat the entire box? Okay....maybe its just US...anyway, this is our version.
 We're moms to young, silly kids who love to eat all the sugary cereals. We thought the
 Cereal Killer donut would be a fun addition for kids of ALL ages. It's the first donut in the case that kids ask for when they see it. Glazed in chocolate or white chocolate fudge, then covered in different kinds of cereal favorites.
The Porky's donut is the donut that started all the madness for us. Its dipped in our Canadian Maple Spoonfudge! then covered in crispy bacon pieces. The best of both worlds. PRAISE THE LARD!! :)

You can "FROST" up your own Spoonfudge! donut at home. Just log onto www.spoonfudge.com to order your favorite flavor.