Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Shoppe!

Are you getting sick of the heat & humidity?  Well, here at Spoonfudge!, we have a WHOLE SHOP dedicated to serving the best of cool summer treats.
 We've dedicated our time and creativity to taking Spoonfudge! to the next level of delicious with an awesome shop, termed, "The Shoppe"!
 From cakes and pies to our signature Fudgey Freeze, the options are endless.

Doesn't that look delicious?!

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Spoonfudge Summer

 Summer is still a GREAT time for fudge.  Spoonfudge! constantly updates it's flavors, and we've come up with some stellar renditions for summer.

Personally, I LOVE using Spoonfudge in frostings.  It's amazing.  I used lemon chiffon pie for this most recent batch of cupcakes (For my 4th of July party), but you could use any flavor you wanted!  I'd personally give my right arm for an orange cupcake with "Orange Push Up Real Good" frosting.

The frosting gives it a hint of flavor without giving it that flavor extract taste.  They're just perfect!  Even just putting a dallop in (or on) a cupcake is perfect.  I'm always asked for my frosting recipe, and almost every time I make it I include a few spoonfuls of Spoonfudge!.

What will YOU be adding Spoonfudge! into this summer?  Let us know your ideas in the comments!