Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Did you know...

that Spoonfudge! is just as or MORE healthy (and less fattening) than other chocolate products out there?

Now, we are by no means the FDA or any of that stuff and they haven't checked into our statements BUT just take a gander at the nutrition labels for yourself!

Check out a few comparisons below:
All comparisons made using publicly available nutritional facts data. All serving sizes have been adjusted to 1 oz. Some figures have been rounded slightly

First up, brownies. This is a  recipe we pulled from a popular recipe sharing site. Spoonfudge! wins in all categories (sometimes by ENORMOUS amounts.) 

Next up, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate.  Spoonfudge! and the Dark Chocolate seem pretty evenly matched. Spoonfudge! does win out in some more important areas but we called this one a draw.

Last on our list, Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate. Spoonfudge! did a little better on this one than the dark chocolate. It still didn't win in all categories but it took the majority.

As you can see, Spoonfudge! fares pretty well when it comes to the "health" aspect of it. By no means are we telling you no more chocolate or brownies. We are just trying to say that Spoonfudge! isn't nearly as unhealthy as it is perceived.

So, feel less guilty the next time you pull out that cute little spoon and dig in.

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