Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spoonfudge! Whoopie Pies

Spoonfudge! Whoopie Pies

Y'all, these are RIDICULOUS.  No joke.  And they're pretty easy, to be honest.  These whoopie pies may look like your regular run of the mill whoopies, but they are SO much more delicious-the middle is filled with a frosting spiked with Spoonfudge!

I created my whoopie pies with brownie mix.  I made the mix as directed on the box, and added 2 cups of flour.  (Quick note: In place of water I ALWAYS add coffee)

Baked them, and then got to work on the frosting.  

I took a container of "Whipped Topping" (Whatever brand suits you) and added 1 jar to each half.  I wanted to try two different flavors.

I used the caramallow and the heavenly buttercup.

I slathered some in the middle of each sandwich, and voila!  Each half made about 12 whoopie pies-definitely enough to share!  I may or may not have shared mine.  I'm not telling!

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