Saturday, September 21, 2013

SWEET Fall flavors

We've seen the beautiful Harvest Moon, leaves are falling, the air is a little crisper.....that means fall is upon us! We Spoonfudge! gals LOVE fall. There are so many reasons. Football, campfires & s'mores, cuddly sweaters come out of storage just in time to cover the extra love handles that come from the s'mores and tasting all things pumpkin!
So we've chosen some flavors that speak to all those senses that fall seems to awaken. We hope you guys like them to.

We're also so excited about the upcoming release of our friend, Jordan K. Rose's new book,  "Eva Prim". We've created a Spoonfudge! flavor in her honor, called Eva's Sweet Fang. Its a decadent blend of chocolate and red velvet. A flavor fit for a vampire with a sweet fang!

You can order on our website @

Happy Fall Y'all!!
Spoonfudge! Flavors


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