Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Poundcake With Spoonfudge Icing

I have a pretty inappropriate infatuation with poundcake.  It is SO adaptable to any situation, whether it's a baby shower or a girl's get together.  There are endless flavor combinations and toppings-and Spoonfudge! is the perfect mate.

Every year, I bake a poundcake for my neighbor's birthday.  Some years it's flavored, some years it's fruited-every year it's different.  This year, I made her a plain sour cream poundcake.  I looked at this poundcake, and thought, "Poundcake, you seem lonely.  Let me fix it."

So I did.  I smothered it with Rolo Spoonfudge. 

It was pretty ridiculous.

People that don't even like frosting, like my neighbor, LOVE Spoonfudge!  It makes a great gift-and makes a great topping on a gift as well!

Will you be making any fall treats with Spoonfudge this year?

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