Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hallows Eve Caramel Pie!

Oh yes.  It's Halloween!  One of our favorite holidays at Spoonfudge!

As someone from the west coast, I'd never heard of caramel pie until moving to the east and eating at O'Charlie's.  How on EARTH the west coast hasn't adopted love for caramel pie is beyond me.  I figured out how to make it on my own, and now it's my favorite pie to make during the fall-ESPECIALLY with some Spoonfudge! mixed into the whipped topping. 

To make a caramel pie, you need a few easy to find ingredients:
Graham cracker crust (Flavor of choice)
Sweetened condensed milk
Whipped topping

You take the cans of sweetened condensed milk, take the labels off of the cans, and put them in a pot.  Cover the cans with water, put the lid on the pot, and bring to a boil.  Boil the cans for at least 2 hours, and up to four hours, adding water as needed to keep the cans covered.  When your cans have boiled for as long as you can stand to wait, turn off the water and take the cans out.  Let the cans cool, open them up, and spread that caramel deliciousness into the pie crust.

Now, for the topping, I used the Pumpkin Spice flavor of Spoonfudge! because, well, pumpkin spice & caramel go together like, well, inhaling and exhaling.  Take the whipped topping, throw it into a mixer, and put a few dallops of Spoonfudge! in with it.  Mix it up until it's a uniform consistency, and spread it on top of the pie.  Put the pie into the fridge to get all cool and happy, and you're done!

And I kid you not, whenever I make this pie I get LOADS of compliments.  You just can't go wrong!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Spoonfudge!

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